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Alterations And Additions To Auto Glass When You Need To Repair Or Replace It Anyway

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Auto glass repair is most common when you break a windshield, or vandals smash a side window in an attempt to gain entry to your vehicle. However, when you need to replace or repair an auto window or windshield, there are alterations and additions you can make to the glass. These alterations and additions can provide additional benefits to your vehicle's glass, as well as make the vehicle more desirable when you decide to sell it or trade it in for a newer vehicle. 

Denser Glass for Greater Force Resistance

Unless a customer actually requests it specifically, most auto glass shops are not going to install this denser auto glass. The shops lean toward the less expensive glass when most customers just want to replace damaged glass quickly. If you are willing to pay extra and wait for it to be installed, you can get the more compact, denser glass that has greater resistance to force. Then you might not have to repeat replacing your auto glass again for some time. It is especially useful and helpful if you live in a neighborhood where vandals are constantly smashing car windows and you have had to replace your window glass more than once already. 

Dark Glass for Greater Privacy

Windows and windshields that have had a special film applied in the factory can be ordered and used in place of the standard glass that most auto glass shops install when you have window/windshield damage. If you have to replace just one window or windshield, and you choose this darker glass, consider replacing all of your windows and windshields so that the look is uniform throughout. The added privacy film also helps hold damaged glass together just long enough to get the vehicle to a repair shop, in case you are wondering about the next time you might have to replace any auto glass. 

Matte Reflection for Better Night Vision

As you get older, your night vision begins to change. It becomes harder and harder to see when other drivers are driving close behind you with their headlights blasting through to your rear view mirror, and worse when drivers are coming in the opposite direction with really bright LED or halogen headlights on full blast. You can dim a lot of this reflection with a special spray that the glass shop can apply prior to installing a new window or windshield. The spray creates a matte coating that dims the brightness of the very bright lights at night, which will help you see better and not feel blinded by all the light coming at you from different angles.