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Three Tips To Make Your Commercial Window Caulking Task Easier

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When you're installing or repairing windows in your business, caulking is a very important task that you'll need to pay attention to. If you don't properly caulk all of your windows, your business will be extremely vulnerable to moisture and pest infiltration. To make sure that your commercial window caulking task goes as smoothly as possible, don't forget these three tips.

Mark Where You Want To Apply Caulk With A Highlighter

If you're fixing up a new window, don't trust yourself to remember exactly where you need to place your caulk on the fly. Even if you remember which parts of a window need lots of new caulk and which parts can be safely ignored, you're liable to miss a lot with your caulking gun if you don't have a visual guide.

Also, while some commercial windows should be completely sealed with caulk, others will release moisture buildup more easily if you leave their bottommost sides unsealed. Your best course of action here will depend on the sizes and shapes of all of your windows. Instead of trying to figure out which windows should be completely sealed while you're operating a caulking gun, use a thick highlighter on everything that needs sealing.

Use Silicone Caulk Instead Of Urethane Caulk

When it comes to applying caulk to commercial windows, silicone and urethane caulk are two very common choices. While silicone caulk is cheaper and less prone to sliding around after you've placed it, urethane caulk provides a more watertight seal.

You might think that it's better to get urethane caulk because of its tighter seal. However, in addition to the fact that you're more likely to make a huge mess with urethane caulk, a tighter seal means that any moisture that gets into your home will have a harder time escaping. Even if your window should have a caulk seal on its bottommost side, it's important to make sure that the seal isn't too tight.

Try To Rent Instead Of Buy The Tools You Need

In order to caulk your windows, you'll need an expensive caulking gun. And since any business depends at least partially on appearances, it's better to use a high-end gun that will do a cleaner job.

Rather than buying a high-end caulking gun outright, try to find someone who will loan or rent one to you. If your closest friends don't have a suitable caulking gun, make a post on a social media site offering money in exchange for a gun rental.

Caulking commercial windows can be very enjoyable when done right. Don't let your inexperience when it comes to using a caulking gun deter you from what needs to be done. For more information, contact a business such as Five Star Windows Inc.