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Questions To Ask About Auto Glass Repair

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The cost to repair or replace auto glass can be expensive, but the job needs to be done for safety's sake. When it comes to auto glass service, whether you need a windshield or door window glass replaced, asking key questions helps get the job done the way you deserve.

  1. Does your auto insurance policy cover auto glass repairs and replacement?

    Your insurance company may require that you use one of it's approved auto glass repair shops; therefore, you need to check the terms of your policy before you take your vehicle in for repair. Often, insurance companies contract with specific repair shops for rates they pre-negotiate.

    Damage to your windshield not caused in a collision is usually covered under the comprehensive part of your auto policy -- if you have comprehensive coverage. You'll have to pay any deductible that applies before your insurance will pay its portion.

  2. Will you save money by buying used auto glass parts?

    Although you can save money purchasing salvage auto parts, if you replace a windshield with used glass, inspect it to be sure there are no cracks, chipped edges, or other flaws before you buy it. Sometimes the edges of the glass get chipped when removing the windshield from a salvaged vehicle. As a result, the windshield can shatter when installing the glass.

  3. Does the auto glass service guarantee its work?

    Not only do you want to pay a reasonable rate for the repair job and get the best value for your money, you want high quality service. If the shop isn't willing to stand by its work and fix problems that occur after the glass is installed, continue looking.

    Generally, reputable shops offer some kind of warranty guaranteeing the quality of their work. Still, get a written warranty from the shop you choose to do the repairs. The warranty should cover water and air leaks, as well as defects in materials and workmanship. Some shops offer a limited manufacturer's warranty covering factory defects in the glass.

  4. Does the auto glass service follow Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards by following the vehicle manufacturer's recommended method for installing windshields?

    An auto glass repair shop that does not use OEM (original equipment manufacture) glass that meets the vehicle manufacturer's specifications for safety and quality is not in compliance with federal standards and could be putting your safety or that of a passenger at risk. The windshield acts as a safety restraint; therefore, if it doesn't withstand a collision, the vehicle's roof can collapse or riders can be thrown from the vehicle.

    However, unless your auto policy includes a special rider for OEM parts, you may have to pay the difference between what the insurance company will pay for parts not made by the original manufacturer (which often are cheaper) and OEM parts.

  5. Is the installer a certified technician?

    Because of the many safety implications involved, you don't want an inexperienced laborer doing the job. Certified technicians receive training on installation methods that comply with federal safety standards. Certification shows that the person has the ability and experience to do the job.

For more information, contact a local auto glass repair shop.