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Tinted Windows Aren't Just for Cars: 2 Reasons to Treat Your Home Too

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If you are like most people, images of sleek, dark black limousines or fancy racing cars might pop into your mind when you hear the words "window tinting." However, window films aren't just for cars anymore. Here are two reasons you should consider having residential window tinting applied to your home:

1: Privacy

Do you like strangers being able to see inside of your home? If you have nosy neighbors or live on a busy street, you might yearn for a little privacy. Unfortunately, if you have traditional window treatments, you might have to choose between a little sunshine and full exposure to the outside world. Fortunately, privacy window films are slightly reflective—letting light pour into your home while protecting your privacy. Here are a few places these window films might come in handy:

  • Bathrooms: Consider applying window films to your bathroom and shower windows. In addition to keeping you and your children safe from peeping strangers, films might also help you to keep your bathroom cool and comfortable during the summer because they reflect heat.
  • Entryways: If you have windows around your front door, it might be a little too easy for people to tell whether or not you are home. However, privacy window films can significantly reduce visibility while still allowing for light, so that your entryway stays beautiful without compromising your safety. 
  • Garages: Do you have windows in your garage door? If so, people might be able to peek into your space to see which cars are home, what types of equipment you have, and even whether or not the door leading into your home is closed.

If you are worried about how window films will make your home look, you shouldn't be. Films are available in a huge range of opacity strengths, colors, and finishes—you can customize your windows to fit your tastes.

2: Energy Efficiency

Another huge benefit to window films is that they can block as much as 99% of incoming ultra violet light, significantly reducing heat transfer through your windows. In addition to keeping your space more comfortable, films can take some of the load off of your air conditioner—saving loads of precious energy. Also, when your air conditioner has a chance to take more breaks, it might last a little longer. Consider installing heavier window tinting on west-facing windows, where they can block the harsh rays of the afternoon sun and keep your home the perfect temperature. 

If window tinting sounds like something that would work well for your home, contact a professional film installer in your area.