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Removing Scratches From Your Auto's Windshield

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If you have found your child had tried washing your vehicle as a surprise, and they used an abrasive sponge or brush when scrubbing the glass, you may be left with some spots that have unsightly scratches. There are a few methods you can use to remove these affected areas on your own, leaving you with smooth glass once again. Here are some ways you can try using to remove the scratches your child inadvertently left behind.

Acrylic Scratch Remover

Go to your local hardware store and ask for an acrylic scratch removing agent to remove surface scratches. For this to work, you first want to make sure the scratch is shallow enough that it does not need replacement rather than repair. Run your fingernail over the area. If you feel it catch as you do this, you may want to see a glass repair specialist instead.

If there is no groove felt, the glass is relatively shallow and can be safely filled with acrylic. This is applied using a small paintbrush similar to a nail polish applicator. Apply the material and let it dry. It will harden in place, filling in the cracked area so it is unnoticeable.

Jewelry Polish

Dab a bit of brass or silver polish directly to the scratched area. Use a non-abrasive piece of cloth, such as a piece of microfiber, to rub the polish into the scraped spots. Do this in a circular motion so it becomes embedded in the cracked portion of the glass from all angles. Add more polish and repeat the process several times so the material will build up inside the crack with each application.

After the polish is added, you will want to buff the glass so the polish is not noticeable. Place a polishing wheel made of hard rubber on the end of a drill and lightly rub it over the area you had filled in. This will give your glass a smooth service with no indication there was a scratch present.

Decorative Tint

If the scratched portion of the glass is along the perimeter of your windshield or on the back or a side of your vehicle, you can cover it completely using decorative tinting or a sticker applique. This is a fun way to cover up a mistake, allowing others to appreciate the new look your vehicle has in the process. Window tint or window stickers can be found in auto parts stores or home goods stores and can be applied using water or by peeling and sticking in place.

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