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Always Wanted An Outdoor Shower? 3 Shower And Enclosure Ideas To Get You Thinking

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In warmer climates, outdoor showers are the rage, especially in rural settings. That shower could be just a simple spray to wash off excess beach sand or a full-blown outdoor spa with multiple jets. Creating effective and eye-appealing shower enclosures is a must. You might want to have a shower with a view, but may not want to be "viewed" while bathing "al fresco." Here are three design ideas to get you started.

Beach Shower With Frosted Glass

Using frosted glass on an outdoor shower works because it only shows the silhouette of the bather. This is sometimes used on poolside or beach showers that are discretely tucked away into a quiet corner. Sometimes the glass is combined with wood or other materials for esthetics or additional privacy, or both. For example, you might have a poolside shower with one glass side and one wood side at the edge of the pool deck, perhaps half-hidden behind some tall plants. Having some sort of tall vegetation or a strategically placed fence keeps the shower out of direct sunlight, minimizing the clarity of the user's silhouette.

Metal Shower Enclosures for Ocean Front Locations

Stainless steel and aluminum shower closures are popular in seaside locales. Glass also does well, as long as the frames are also made of resistant metals. Stainless steel, for example, keeps its like-new look if it's scrubbed down with soapy water every few weeks, and then wiped down with a soft cloth. Really rustic looking outdoor showers are sometimes made of corrugated metal, the same stuff used for roofing. Putting two walls of the corrugated metal and a third of the frosted glass works well in a corner outdoor shower. It still looks rustic, but the glass adds just a bit of privacy.

Outdoor Showers in the Middle of Almost Nowhere

Suppose your romantic cottage or cabin for two is built overlooking the sea or a mountain setting. The outdoor deck faces the natural world and there's almost zero chance that someone can "take a peek" while you're showering. One option is to let nothing get in between you and nature and put in a bare-bones shower with no walls.  Another is to build a more refined shower with clear glass walls. The latter allows you to enjoy the view while giving a sense of security to those not quite accustomed to baring it all outdoors. Frosted glass? Forget it. The birds won't tell.

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