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Do's And Don'ts For Post Mobile Windshield Glass Repair

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If your old car's windshield was recently broken by a rock flung off of the highway by a commercial truck, then you will be happy to know that a mobile auto glass replacement service will come out to your office and replace the windshield while you work. When you leave work at the end of the day with your car's new windshield in place, follow these do's and don'ts to protect it from damage:

Do ask the glass installer to use original equipment material (OEM) glass. OEM windshields are manufactured based upon the manufacturer's specifications for your vehicle and fit better and are generally made from higher quality auto glass.

Don't have a windshield installed at your auto dealership or regular mechanic's shop. Instead, always have your windshields replaced by a licensed automotive glass contractor. Auto glass replacement is a specialized procedure and it should be done by professionals that work with auto glass all day long.

Do insist that the person installing your new windshield wears gloves. Gloves keep the grease from the installer's hands off of the glass primer. This is very important to prevent future water leaks around the perimeter of the glass.

Don't neglect to take the time to check for any signs of improper installation, including: 

  • adhesive drips inside of your car
  • molding that is not straight around the windshield
  • trash or dirt inside of your vehicle

If you find any of these signs of an unprofessional installation, then you need to speak with the installer and have any issues repaired before you sign off on their forms showing that your glass job is complete.

Do make sure that you follow all of the driving and care instructions that you are given by your glass contractor. Depending upon the type of glue used to install the new windshield, you may need to wait for a certain period of time before you can safely drive your car. If you drive your car before the glue has time to cure, then your windshield could develop leaks.

Don't delay in getting your broken windshield replaced by a professional glass contractor. A broken windshield creates a hazard because of the glare coming off of the cracked glass, and it does not correctly support the roof of your car if your vehicle is involved in an accident. Finally, a broken windshield will leak in the rain and this can cause mold growth inside of the cab of your car.