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3 Tips To Improve Your Glass Cutting Technique

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Creating crafts using pieces of cut glass can be exciting, but only if you are able to successfully cut your glass components with ease. In order to ensure that your glass projects turn out like you want them to, you need to take the time to improve your glass cutting technique.

Here are three tips you can use to make cutting glass a little easier in the future.

1. Stand when you cut your glass.

While you might feel that sitting during a craft project is more comfortable, attempting to cut glass from a seated position could be disastrous. Proper glass cutting requires that you apply pressure to the glass as you make the initial score marks.

Scoring from a standing position allows you to better control the force and direction of the pressure you apply to glass components as you cut them. Cuts that are made while standing could result in cleaner, more usable glass pieces.

2. Keep your work area completely clean.

Before you attempt to make a cut in any piece of glass, you need to take the time to thoroughly clean your work station. Using a soft brush to clear away any visible dirt, debris, or glass shards from your work bench is vital to the success of your next cut.

Even the smallest glass shard left on your work bench could wreak havoc when it comes to creating a clean cut. The shard could cause the glass you are cutting to sit unevenly on your work surface, resulting in an uneven cut or the shattering of the glass as you attempt to complete the cut. Avoid these problems by cleaning your work area before you begin any cut.

3. Use a self-oiling glass cutter.

The implements that you are using to complete your glass cuts can significantly impact the quality of your cutting technique. If you plan to use a lot of cut glass in your craft projects, investing in a self-oiling glass cutter can be beneficial.

These tools provide the lubrication needed to allow the cutting blade to create smooth, precise cuts. Always check the oil levels in your cutter before you begin working with a piece of glass, and wipe away any excess lubricant from the cutting blade once your cut is complete.

Improving your glass cutting technique by standing as you complete each cut, maintaining a clean work space, and investing in a self-oiling glass cutter will help you produce more uniform and effective cuts in the future. For more information or advice, contact a company like Glass Service Center Inc.