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4 Tips To Help You Avoid Problems When Doing Glass Installation

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It is important to make sure the new glass you have installed is done correctly. This means that there are some things that you will want to do, such as making sure openings are level and square or preparing an opening for new glass installation. There are things like silicon caulking that you will want to have done after the new glass has been installed. Here are some tips to help you avoid problems after the new glass installation:

1. Preparing Openings And Removing Old Materials For Glass Installation

The first thing that needs to be done to prepare for glass installation is to remove the old glass. If the old glass is broken, you will want to remove the large pieces and clean around the edges of the opening. Make sure that the opening is free of debris that can cause the new glass to crack after installation. You will want to remove any old glass, caulking, and seals around the opening.

2. Checking Openings To Ensure They Are Level And Square Before Installing Glass

Before new glass can be installed, the openings will need to be perfectly square and level. It is important that you check the openings and adjust frames to ensure new glass fits perfectly. When adjusting the frame, make sure that you add a fastener to hold it in place so it does not return to the same position and damage the new glass.

3. Addressing Issues That Cause Openings To Settle And New Glass To Crack

Openings where glass is going to be installed can settle or become out of square due to structural issues. You will want to make sure that you repair any issues that cause the frames to become out of square, which can cause cracking and damage to the new glass that you have installed. It is important that the new glass has a sturdy frame that will not fail and cause damage.

4. Caulking And Sealing New Glass For A Better Fit And Protection From Damage

Once your new glass has been installed, it is going to need to be sealed. This is something that can be done with silicon caulking, weather stripping, and specially design rubber glass seals. You can do caulking around the glass on your home, but it is still a good idea to talk with the glass installer about the best materials to use to finish sealing the glass in the openings.

These are some tips to help you prepare for glass installation and avoid problems with broken glass later. If you need help with glass repairs and installation, contact a glass installation service to ensure the work is done correctly.