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Shhhhh! 7 Secrets From Professional Window Cleaners

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Professional window cleaners know that getting clean windows is much more than grabbing a bottle of glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels. They know how to get the job done well and, more importantly, how to get it done quickly. No one wants to spend all weekend out there.

1. Newspaper: No matter what you've read, no matter what your mom says, newspaper does not work. It just turns into a soggy mess and, like your hands, your windows end up with black newsprint ink on them. 

2. Squeegee: The pros know that the squeegee is where its at. While the squeegee you use at the gas station is a sad excuse for a tool, there are professional-quality squeegees sold at local hardware stores and home improvement superstores alike. Grab one and practice using it on a glass sliding door until you feel comfortable. Watch a video or two for pro tips. The key is to get it to glide along the surface, not drag it with a heavy hand.

3. Shower Doors: Glass shower doors are notoriously hard to clean, and professional window cleaners routinely get asked to step in. Luckily, they know the secret to clean, soap scum-free glass is steel wool. You can't grab just any old steel wool, however, without risking scratches. Choose #0000 Extra Fine and the steel wool will cut through all that built-up soap scum without scratching your shower doors.

4. Screens: Bug screens are great at keeping all the creepy crawlies out of your home, but they can get dirty, too. Most windows require you to remove the screens in order to clean them. While you can find video after video online showing scrubbing techniques and recommended products to use, the easiest way is the simplest. Soap the screens and then 'flick' the soap off. This video, although cheesy, accurately depicts how the professionals get the job done.

5. Broken Seal: That foggy corner of your window is not dirt. The seal is broken and condensation has built up in between the two panes of glass. You need to get the pane replaced or repaired. The most common choice is to call a contractor or window replacement company to have the entire unit replaced, but a newer option is to have the seal repaired. To do this, a small hole is drilled into the glass, the condensation is removed, and the hole is filled in. It's not perfect, but it is certainly less expensive.

6. UV Film: If you have UV film on any of your home's windows, you have to approach the cleaning in a different manner. You can't use any product with ammonia or it will deteriorate the film over time. A simple solution of warm water with a squirt of liquid dish soap will work.

7. Paint: Quite often, windows will have paint drips and brushstrokes on them. While it may be easier to clean the glass and ignore the paint, the finished job will suffer. A simple, gentle swipe with a razor blade will remove the paint easily and create a professional finish.  

From shower doors to window screens, professional window cleaners know all the tricks. Don't have your shower doors or windows installed yet? Get started on your next glass installation from a professional like Master Glass & Mirror LLC today.