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Adding Impact Doors To Help Protect Your Home

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Impact doors can be an invaluable addition to your home, but homeowners often fail to make this affordable and sensible upgrade. While these doors can be substantially different from standard doors, homeowners can easily prepare themselves to evaluate this type of door for their home.

Do Impact Doors Only Offer Protection Against Storm Damages?

It is extremely common to find impact doors installed in areas that frequently experience severe storms and high winds. While these doors can offer highly effective protection against these risks, it is not limited to only protecting against storms. These doors will also be better able to withstand someone attempting to kick the door open. Each impact door will be rated for the strength of the impacts that it can absorb, and you should also review this to choose the door that offers the strongest protection.

Are There Attractive Options For Impact Doors?

While impact doors are extremely strong, you should not assume that this means that they will always be unattractive. There are many models of impact doors that strike a balance between aesthetic designs and resilience against impacts. In fact, it can be possible to choose impact doors that almost perfectly resemble traditional wood doors. For those with older or historic homes, it is also possible to have impact doors custom made so that they will closely match the design of the house.

Will Impact Doors Require A New Frame?

It should be noted that upgrading to impact doors will require installing a new frame. The frames that support traditional doors are simply not as strong as the door. This could lead to situations where the frame fails while the door is still in relatively good condition. In fact, the process of correctly installing and securing the new frame can be one of the more difficult parts of installing impact doors. Mistakes during this process can greatly compromise the strength and durability of the impact doors, which is an important reason for homeowners to ensure their impact doors are installed by professionals.

Impact doors can greatly improve the security and resiliency of a home against storm damage and intrusion. Despite the practical benefits of having impact doors installed, many homeowners will fail to undertake this upgrade due to failing to appreciate the benefits of these doors or the range of style options that are available. Additionally, appreciating the importance of having the frame correctly installed and secured will avoid situations where frame failures compromise the door's effectiveness.